Bill Washer was born in Ridley Park Pennsylvania. 3 years later his family moved to Rochester, N.Y. where he grew up. He began studying the guitar when he was 11 years old and played in a dixie style band with other kids from the neighborhood. He later formed his own blues/rock band in High School playing dances, parties etc. and continued studying with the late Donald Ames.

After High School, he attended the Berklee School in Boston studying guitar with Mick Goodrick and majoring in composition. While in Boston, he sat in with various jazz artists from N.Y.C. including Joe Henderson and Elvin Jones. He later worked with both of them. He also worked with Stevie Wonder around this time.

When a friend from N.Y. called telling him the Joffrey Ballet Company was looking for a guitarist to play in 3 rock ballets, he jumped at the chance. While working with them he met his wife to be, Trinette Singleton, a dancer with the company at the time.

Bill continued working in New York doing recording, Broadway, club dates etc. as well as touring with acts like Liza Minnelli and Ashford and Simpson.

He and Trinette now live in Eastern Pennsylvania where she teaches and choreographs classical ballet. Bill continues to perform and teach in the area. They have a daughter, Katie, who is teaching High School physics.

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